Re: Online Desktop run-through

On Wed, 2008-04-02 at 16:58 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> I spent some time running through initial login to the online desktop
> session with a clean account and the current Fedora 9 packages. Here are
> my notes about what went wrong or could be improved.
> I double starred the stuff that I think is at the top of what we should
> fix immediately.
> If you are going to work on something, follow up here. (I'll make
> sure that important stuff from the residual gets filed in bugzilla
> and post bug links here.)

OK, here's a followup with bug numbers and summary status of the stuff we've fixed:

> - Owen
>  * When Firefox was started, it came up with two tabs, both with the
>    Fedora start page

Marco determined it was "as expected" for Firefox (will be different
pages eventually)

>  * It seemed a little less than obvious that you should click on
>    the "Enable Online Desktop" link to proceed, especially with the
>    browser window sitting there. There wasn't a clear flow that 
>    enabling the online desktop was the *first* step.

Deal with a "wizard" later.

> ** Bigboard was configured to use the default "Milky" theme rather than
>    the Fedora theme.

Colin fixed, in Rawhide now.

>  * When I did click on "enable the online desktop", I then had *three*
>    browser tabs
>  * After going to my mail, and clicking on the link, I had *four* 
>    browser tabs.

I think the answer again is an explicit sign up process with a "wizard"
before we launch Firefox when you start.

>  * Mugshot stacker was started (because it was installed on the system)
>    and showed a stack with an initial share about "setup your account"
>    even though I hadn't enabled Mugshot.

>  * When I changed my name on the account tab, the window title didn't
>    update to match, as it would if I reloaded the page.

>  * If I chose to enable Mugshot from my account page, I got taken to
>    the login dialog with (at the bottom)
>      "You can login with your _online.gnome.org_ account"
>    The link there is actually a weird trap because it implies you can
>    follow that link to log in, then you end up back where you are 
>    already logged in.

> (Need to do the discussed login-link URL's from the account page.)

> ** The desktop data engine didn't pick up my login until I manually
>    restarted it. I think this was because I didn't have a Firefox
>    profile at all (or even a .mozilla dir) when I started the 
>    desktop-data-engine, so it couldn't establish an inotify watch.

I fixed, in Rawhide now.

> ** A "GNOME Online" person appeared in the People stock. 

Colin fixed, on the server now.

>  * There was no obvious way to add more people to the people stock. 
>    If there are no online.g.o contacts, a minimal thing would be to 
>    have a button to launch Pidgin.

> ** People stock slideouts got a bright red header in the Milky theme
>    (theme bug causing the header not to be drawn themed.)

I fixed.

>  * Clicking on "Enable application tracking" opened another browser
>    tab, with another copy of my account dialog.
>  * None of the text in explaining what this "application tracking"
>    thing referred to the benefits I got for the online desktop.
>    We really need to turn on application tracking *by default* when
>    you create an account through this path.

> ** /applications-learnmore was all centered, as is the top text
>   on /applications when tracking is not enabled.

>  * Hard to find out how to add more stocks to the bigboard

Marco suggested splitting "Sidebar Preferences..." into
"Sidebar Preferences" and "Widgets". I'm not sure that really helps,
since a lot of people won't know "Widgets". The Preferences dialog
would be pretty tiny too. No bug filed pending inspiration.

>  * The two start page were eating 5% cpu showing their anim GIFs.
>  * Sidebar Preferences should put a border around the preview images -
>    they look funny blending into the background.

Marco fixed.

> ** I got fooled when trying to add a stock to the sidebar by
>    the "Add to sidebar" button next to the google gadget link entry.
>    Unless we fix the google gadget stuff very soon, we should just
>    remove it from the F9 packages.

Marina fixed.

>  * Apps stock should be labelled "Applications" not "Apps"?

Marco fixed.

>  * In the Apps browser, selecting an application (which shows the
>    profile to the left) should also highlight the selected app,
>    since otherwise you don't feel you have good click-feedback.
>    Same for the People browser

Marco fixed.

>  * Very hard to switch the online desktop to a different user, since
>    the logout link on the web doesn't actually log the d-d-m out.
>    (Send a "Recheck" headline message over XMPP.)

> ** Logging into GMail in mail stock:
>    - Should show Connecting... between the point where you apply
>      a new password and it succeeds or fails
>    - In the case of failure, should be button or link to get
>      back to the point of logging in again, instead of having
>      to navigate back through sidebar preferences.

Marina fixed.

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