Re: How to logout an Online Desktop session


I've a question about the function "query_resource", the second
parameter is a string with a key list. For example:
model.query_resource(model.self_resource, "+;contacts [+;user
+];contacters +;lovedAccounts +;email;aim")

What keys can I use in this param?

Exists any key to know when an user do login and logout at

For example, if it'd exist a key called "login" I think that I can add
this lines to "" inside fuction "on_ready":
    query2 = model.query_resource(model.global_resource, "login")

Where functions "on_login" and "on_logout" only prints a string saying
"You're login" or "You aren't login".

Am I right?

Thank you very much,

Manuel Rego Casasnovas
Computer Science Engineer
mailto:mrego igalia com
Tel: +34 986 10 76 10
Fax: +34 981 91 39 49
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