How to logout an Online Desktop session


today I'm testing Big Board, and I've noticed that I'll go on login even
if I've logged out at

When I started Big Board the first time it shows "Enable Online
Desktop", and when I clicked in this link it sends me
to, then I logged in and Big Boards detects that I've
logged in, and show my profile.

Later I've tried to logout, however I haven't been able.
I've gone to and I've used the link "Log out". I
close my Online Desktop session at; however Big
Board doesn't detect anything, and it keeps my profile.

I don't know what is the problem. I've tried to find how Big Board knows
when I'm logged (when I have an Online Desktop session started), but I
don't know where Big Board checks it.
Could you tell me where (in source code) this checking is doing?
For example, how can an application know if an Online Desktop session
is started or no?

Thank you very much,

Manuel Rego Casasnovas
Computer Science Engineer
mailto:mrego igalia com
Tel: +34 986 10 76 10
Fax: +34 981 91 39 49
Igalia -

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