Re: Trying to synchronise GConf variables


I've added this instructions at OnlineDesktop/PrefsSync/HowToUse [1].

However I'm not completely sure about one thing:
   * It's enough with add a line to
"~/od/install/share/online-prefs-sync/online-prefs-sync.synclist" or
   * You have to add a line to
"~/od/checkout/online-desktop/online-prefs-sync/online-prefs-sync.synclist" and recompile the module "online-desktop"

I can't check it because I've started daemon:
$ ./~/od/install/bin/online-prefs-sync-daemon --verbose

And I see that he detects and tries to synchronise every GConf
preference that I've change, not only preferences on .synclist files. I
don't know if it really store these preferences but prints the same
DEBUG messages for any GConf preference variable.

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