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On Thu, 2008-04-03 at 10:28 +0200, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to test how Online Desktop stores a GConf variable and how it
> synchronises these variables.
> First of all I've set a key on GConf called
> "/desktop/gnome/myapp/myvar".
> Then I've modified the file
> "~/od/install/share/online-prefs-sync/online-prefs-sync.synclist" adding
> the next line:
> <key name="/desktop/gnome/myapp/myvar" scope="saved-per-user" priority="lowest"/>
> I've done this in another computer (setting a different value for this
> key), and I've started an Online Desktop session in the two computers
> (not at same time), but this variable isn't synchronised.
> After that, I've tried modifying the file
> "~/od/checkout/online-desktop/online-prefs-sync/online-prefs-sync.synclist".
> Later I've recompiled "online-desktop" module and repeat the process in
> the two computers.
> However GConf variable isn't synchronised.
> I'm sure that I've made some mistakes.

One of my mistakes have that I need to set true the value of
"/apps/online-prefs-sync/enabled" on GConf.
I've set this variable but nothing change, and my synchronisation of
GConf variable doesn't work. 

> On the other hand, I've noticed that
> file "~/od/checkout/online-desktop/online-prefs-sync/online-prefs-sync.synclist" has a strange format, the content of this file is:
> <online_sync>
>   <key name="/apps/metacity/*" scope="saved-per-user"
> priority="lowest"/>,
>   <key name="/desktop/gnome/applications/*" scope="saved-per-user"
> priority="lowest"/>,
>   <key name="/desktop/gnome/background/*" scope="saved-per-user"
> priority="lowest"/>,
>   <key name="/desktop/gnome/interface/*" scope="saved-per-user"
> priority="lowest"/>,
>   <key name="/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/*" scope="saved-per-user"
> priority="lowest"/>        
>   <!-- for testing syncing a string list and per-machine -->
>   <key name="/apps/deskbar/enabled_handlers" scope="saved-per-user"
> priority="lowest"/>        
> </online_sync>
> I've removed the commas, because if it's a XML the symbol "," isn't
> needed. I don't know why there are commas in this file.

Best regards,

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