Re: What I can do with Online Desktop at this moment?


On Thu, 2008-04-03 at 15:59 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-04-03 at 20:12 +0200, Manuel Rego Casasnovas wrote:
> > What more things I can do with Online Desktop at this moment?
> As a user? What you see is pretty much what you get. The features
> of online desktop are currently:
>  - The bigboard, and the available set of bigboard stocks
>    (people, files, applications, etc.)
I've tested it, but I still haven't a specifically opinion about it. I
know its power, but at this moment I don't like it so much.
>  - The Mugshot stacker application
I'd like very much this application to share RSS feeds with my mates.
>  - GConf sync
For me it's an amazing feature, if I'm using Online Desktop at my home
and at work, and I have to configure my applications only in one site.
Even when I change any configuration preference, I have to do it only in
one place. It's great!

> So, the work at this point is:
>  - Make the existing features better
>  - Come up with ideas for more features
>  - Implement them
>  - Enhance the infrastructure to support that
> All of which we'd love to have more people contributing to.
> > What can Online Desktop provides to my applications now?
> Here are some things that are available to applications through
> the the data model right now.
>  - The user's name and headshot
>  - The user's email/aim/XMPP addresses
>  - The user's account names on services like Flickr, Facebook, etc.
>  - The user's contacts (on, and also from their
>    IM program.), and names/headshots/etc. for those contacts
>  - The user's currently playing music track
> Some of these things are obviously more useful than others for
> applications. 
Thanks, now I say how I can do it with Online Desktop at this moment.

> > Owen said me that they are working to provide an API to store data
> > needed to access to external web services (for example Gmail), but
> > isn't supported yet.
> You can get the Gmail account name already. What isn't there is a
> standard way to get the password or prompt for it. We'll probably
> eventually provide a Python convenience library for that.... though
> the underlying store for the password is something standard to GNOME,
> the GNOME keyring.

Then I've understood that Online Desktop won't save passwords, this
information will be stored on GNOME keyring.
In my opinion, it isn't a good idea. As an user I like that if I set my
passwords for Gmail in one computer on an Online Desktop session, when I
use another computer and I start an Online Desktop session I'd like
don't have to put another time my password for Gmail.
I know that store passwords can be difficult for privacy problems,
however I don't like have to put my password on each computer where I
start Online Desktop, I think that Online Desktop should known my

Owen, thank you very much to all your answers, you are very kind.

Best regards,

PS: sorry to don't send emails directly to mailing list, but I always
forget to put online-desktop-list gnome org
Mailing list that I'm usually to use response automatically to proper
mailing list.

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