Trying to synchronise GConf variables


I'm trying to test how Online Desktop stores a GConf variable and how it
synchronises these variables.

First of all I've set a key on GConf called
Then I've modified the file
"~/od/install/share/online-prefs-sync/online-prefs-sync.synclist" adding
the next line:
<key name="/desktop/gnome/myapp/myvar" scope="saved-per-user" priority="lowest"/>

I've done this in another computer (setting a different value for this
key), and I've started an Online Desktop session in the two computers
(not at same time), but this variable isn't synchronised.

After that, I've tried modifying the file
Later I've recompiled "online-desktop" module and repeat the process in
the two computers.
However GConf variable isn't synchronised.

I'm sure that I've made some mistakes.

On the other hand, I've noticed that
file "~/od/checkout/online-desktop/online-prefs-sync/online-prefs-sync.synclist" has a strange format, the content of this file is:
  <key name="/apps/metacity/*" scope="saved-per-user"
  <key name="/desktop/gnome/applications/*" scope="saved-per-user"
  <key name="/desktop/gnome/background/*" scope="saved-per-user"
  <key name="/desktop/gnome/interface/*" scope="saved-per-user"
  <key name="/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/*" scope="saved-per-user"
  <!-- for testing syncing a string list and per-machine -->
  <key name="/apps/deskbar/enabled_handlers" scope="saved-per-user"

I've removed the commas, because if it's a XML the symbol "," isn't
needed. I don't know why there are commas in this file.

Thank you very much,

Manuel Rego Casasnovas
Computer Science Engineer
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Tel: +34 986 10 76 10
Fax: +34 981 91 39 49
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