Re: IPV6 manual addresses not being applied to interface

My question about reboot was in part about the case of cloning /
generating a new bootable image.

Is creating/editing profiles in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections
sufficient to make a new system boot up as intended? Or is there
scripting required on first boot?



On 23/3/20 5:56 pm, Thomas Haller wrote:

Does this transfer always require an activate? Or would a simple
reboot work?
IF you edit a profile, then that has no effect to runtime
configuration, until you activate (or re-active) the profile.

I am not sure why to reboot. Modify the profiles as you like, and
activate them as you wish. With the caveat that modifying a profile
does not take effect on the currently activated devices.

See active devices in `nmcli device`.

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