IPV6 manual addresses not being applied to interface

I have configured the interface using the nmtui tool and restarted network manager.

It appears the upper case output below is what I have and the lower case is what I have asked for.

How do I get what I have configured to apply to the interface?

Thanks in advance.

cat interfaces
source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*
# Network is managed by Network manager
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

cat /etc/issue
Debian Buster with Armbian Linux \l

systemctl restart NetworkManager

nmcli c show 'Wired connection 2'


ipv6.method:                            manual
ipv6.dns:                               --
ipv6.dns-search:                        --
ipv6.dns-options:                       ""
ipv6.dns-priority:                      0
ipv6.addresses:                         2001:db8:1ab:16::1/128, 2001:db8:1ab:16::254/128
ipv6.gateway:                           --
ipv6.routes:                            --
ipv6.route-metric:                      -1
ipv6.route-table:                       0 (unspec)
ipv6.ignore-auto-routes:                no
ipv6.ignore-auto-dns:                   no
ipv6.never-default:                     no
ipv6.may-fail:                          no
ipv6.ip6-privacy:                       -1 (unknown)
ipv6.addr-gen-mode:                     stable-privacy
ipv6.dhcp-duid:                         --
ipv6.dhcp-send-hostname:                yes
ipv6.dhcp-hostname:                     --
ipv6.token:                             --


IP6.ADDRESS[1]:                         fe80::409d:4c8c:e629:a396/64
IP6.GATEWAY:                            --
IP6.ROUTE[1]:                           dst = fe80::/64, nh = ::, mt = 101
IP6.ROUTE[2]:                           dst = ff00::/8, nh = ::, mt = 256, table=255

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