Re: IPV6 manual addresses not being applied to interface

On Mon, 2020-03-23 at 08:22 +0800, Jeremy Ardley wrote:


I have configured the interface using the nmtui tool and restarted
network manager.

It appears the upper case output below is what I have and the lower
case is what I have asked for.

How do I get what I have configured to apply to the interface?

by (re)activating the profile or reapplying the changes.

Actiavting a profile in nmcli, is done via one of

  nmcli connection up "$PROFILE"
  nmcli connection up "$PROFILE" ifname "$IFNAME"
  nmcli device connect "$IFNAME"

Reapplying the changes is done via

  nmcli device reapply "$IFNAME"

Or course, with other NetworkManager client tools (nmtui) that is
different, but the underlying functionaliy is the same. In case of
nmtui, that doesn't allow you to do reapply. Instead, reactivate the

systemctl restart NetworkManager

Restarting the daemon doesn't apply changes to the networking. It is
usally wrong trying to do this. When you restart the daemon,
NetworkManager tries *NOT* to do any changes to the network.


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