Re: Please How to setup VLAN with ETHERNET Using GUI


On Wed, 2020-03-18 at 23:26 +0000, moo can via networkmanager-list

I'm trying to setup VLAN using NetworkManager GUI.

you don't say which GUI. But since neither plasma-nm nor gnome-control-
center supports VLANs, I presume you are talking about nm-connection-

Is there a manual ?

1 - I create an Ethernet 
    Device : enp1s0
    IPv4 Settings: DHCP
    All other option : default

2 - I create a NEW VLAN
    Parent Interface: enp1s0 (via “TEST VLAN”)
    VLAN id : 3000
    VLAN Interface name: VLAN3000
    IPv4 Settings: DHCP
    All other option : default

NetworkManager never activate the VLAN.
Interface "VLAN3000" appear and disappear... and then
ifconfig do not show the "VLAN3000" interface

Instead of describing the GUI, look at the output of `nmcli
connection`, `nmcli connection show "$PROFILE_NAME"`, and `nmcli -o
connection show "$PROFILE_NAME"`.

If you don't configure the profiles to automatically connect, you can
manually activate/deactivate them with `nmcli connection up|down ...`.

How to create a VLAN which is affected to an Ethernet connection and
which can be activated simply as the other.

By specifying the vlan.parent, which can be either a interface name or
the UUID of another connection profile.

How to match a VLAN with an Ethernet Connection using NetworkManager

nm-connection-editor has an option "Parent Interface". which is the

Is it supported ?

As said, only certain GUIs support VLAN. But of course, you don't need
a GUI for any of this, if the GUI you have is not suitable.

Using vconfig it is working but I would like to be able to ativate or
desactivate simply the VLAN+Ethernet Connection.


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