Re: Changing primary plugin on Fedora to keyfile

On 6/27/20 5:25 PM, Thomas Haller wrote:

Here there is the first draft of the Change:

If you have feedback, please via email in this thread or simply edit
the wiki page.

I plan to publish it on Monday (29 June).

Thanks Thomas!

In the Feedback section let's mention Fedora CoreOS and the fact that Fedora CoreOS doesn't
use ifcfg files at all (just keyfiles). You can also mention RHEL CoreOS but I wouldn't include
the link as the link is only accessible on the VPN.

For the Upgrade section I have a question on what we should do. Should we put some configuration
in place when upgrading older systems to keep existing behavior? We could have an rpm scriptlet
write out a config fragment if doing an upgrade vs clean install. I'm not sure what we should do.
I feel comfortable with whatever you feel is best.

For the User Experience section it might be worth mentioning more explicitly that if users use
NetworkManager tools to generate configuration they won't notice any change at all. The change
is really behind the scenes.


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