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I have a network-manager-openvpn question, if this is not the best
to ask please let me know.

This is the right place.

I use network-manager-openvpn on Debian version 1.8.10-1.

The last time that I wanted to import a .ovpn file I was not able to
find the option

I don't know. You don't menion with GUI nor where you looked.

On Fedora, the nm-openvpn package is split in two parts:
NetworkManager-openvpn and NetworkManager-openvpn-gnome. You need the
"gnome" package to import the ovpn file in nm-connection-editor and

With plasma-nm I also need a package plasma-nm-openvpn (on Fedora).

 and I ended up splitting the .ovpn file in files and
then I did the configuration manually.

Import only creates the profile for convenience, you can achieve the
same thing by explicitly configuring it (manually). So, that's fine,
albeit inconvenient.

As such, there is also no fundamental difference which GUI or method
you use to create a profile.

Btw, there is also `nmcli connection import`. That only requires the
NetworkManager-openvpn core package.

Do you know if this is possible in the GUI, or going to be possible?

It's possible.

I'm having a look at

And I don't see any changes to make this possible.

Would this feature be implemented in that repository I guess?


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