Re: [PATCH] vpn-manager: respect NM_VPN_PLUGIN_DIR

Thomas Haller <thaller redhat com> writes:

On Thu, 2019-07-18 at 20:39 +0200, Jelle Licht wrote:
Thomas Haller <thaller redhat com> writes:

if you have




then the plugin should work with both versions of NetworkManager.
would you solve that if you don't have a well known path where VPN
plugins announce their existance (by putting their .name file

We solve this by setting NM_VPN_PLUGIN_DIR to
`/gnu/store/345verylonghash-networkmanager-openvpn-1.2.8/' for both
service configurations.

why put the VPN's .name files be in a directory named
.../*networkmanager-openvpn*/ ?
This is where they are created. To be more precise, NM_VPN_PLUGIN_DIR is
a union of all .../networkmanager-<xyz>/ dirs, being created at e.g.
/gnu/store/345verylonghash-networkmanager-vpns-union/. The contents of
this directory are symlinks to .../*networkmanager-openvpn*/,
.../*networkmanager-vpnc*/ etc etc.

There can be any number of VPN plugins and other plugins shouldn't care
about nm-openvpn.

Shouldn't the path at least be


and the VPN plugins put their .name files there?

They cannot, as the store is immutable; the already-built NetworkManager
cannot (and should not) be changed. 

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