[nmstate] nmstate 0.0.8 released.

Nmstate 0.0.8 released.

### New Features
 - Support reapply configuration without link down when possible.
 - Relicensed to LGPL 2.1+.
 - Allow editing existing interface without specifying the type property
   in the desired state.

### Bug Fixes
 - Allow adding a port to the Linux bridge by specifying only its name.
 - Support IPv6 stack disable.
 - Allow enabling IPv6 with empty address.
 - Recover from an abnormal failure when libnmstate is re-used in a
 - DNS: Preserve DNS config with empty state.
 - Fix random failure on showing interface as done when creating
   bond/linux bridge
 - Do refresh in libnm on each call of show().
 - Allow removing slaves from parents while keeping their interfaces up.
 - Do not remove slaves that are mentioned with state UP.
 - Support slaves swap between masters.
 - API: Expose IP constants through libnmstate.schema.
 - PY3: Fix deprecation of array.tostring().
 - Fix IPv4 enabled criteria: When DHCP is enabled, it implies IPv4 is

For full change logs, please refer to:

Thanks and fell free to contact us.

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Gris Ge

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