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On Fri, 2018-10-19 at 19:22 +0200, Thomas HUMMEL wrote:


Usually, NetworkManager (the daemon) does not automatically
connection profiles

But when it does (as in your cases), is it always only in RAM
then save the profile to disk of course) ?

Yes. But when you modify this profile, it usually gets persisted to

I see in my tests that a profile modification is persisted even
the call to nmcli device reapply : am I right ?

Hm, `nmcli device reapply` does not modify the profile at all, does it?

What's the link between persistence, modification and reapplication
of a 
profile ?

A profile may be backed by a file on disk or not. Accordingly, it is
persited or not.

Whenever you modify a profile, you can also say whether it should be
persited to disk or not. If the profile had a backing file on disk,
making it in-memory only may or may not involve deleting the file. On
the D-Bus API, it controlled via Update2 flags [1].


nmcli gives you some control over that, like `nmcli connection add save
no ...` and `nmcli connection modify --temporary ...`.

Reapply doesn't seem to have any relevance with modification or

Maybe NM created such an "auto-default" (named "Wired Connection
but then you deleted it? It wouldn't create it again, see file

The MAC is indeed in there although I don't remember deleting an
created profile


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