Re: NetworkManager behavior answers not found in docs

Thanks again.

Your info are precious ! Some of them should make their way into the official doc to me.

Again, a lot to digest but it's getting pretty clear.

Usually, NetworkManager (the daemon) does not automatically create
connection profiles

But when it does (as in your cases), is it always only in RAM (unless
then save the profile to disk of course) ?

Yes. But when you modify this profile, it usually gets persisted to

I see in my tests that a profile modification is persisted even before the call to nmcli device reapply : am I right ? What's the link between persistence, modification and reapplication of a profile ?

Maybe NM created such an "auto-default" (named "Wired Connection #"),
but then you deleted it? It wouldn't create it again, see file

The MAC is indeed in there although I don't remember deleting an auto created profile

Thanks again!


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