Re: NetworkManager behavior answers not found in docs

On Tue, 2018-10-23 at 15:25 +0200, Thomas HUMMEL wrote:
On 10/18/2018 11:30 PM, Thomas Haller wrote:
The profile has a "connection.autoconnect" property. If it's "no",
profile never autoconnects. Period.

But there also needs to be a device which is currently in a state
it would like to autoconnect a profile. With `nmcli device set
"$DEVICE" autoconnect no" you can set that.

for example, `nmcli device disconnect "$DEVICE"` will block
on the device. It would be pretty annoying, if you disconnect the
device and immediatley some profile autoconnects again.

"Autoconnect" prefers profiles which
were active last

Same remark here

When a device wants to autoconnect a profile, there might be
profiles which are compatible candidtes. Then, the one is chosen
the best "connection.autoconnect-priority" or as last, the
when the profile was activate the last time.

So, would that be correct to think about it this way :

it is a device which, by defaults, "wants" to autoconnect and try to 
find a profile with connection.autoconnect property set to yes ?

and device disconnect or device set <device> autoconnect no inhibit
behavior ?

I mean as opposed to a profile which would "want" to auto "connect"
to a 
device ?

Yes, kind of.

Both the device and the profile must be willing to autoconnect for it
to happen. It's both ways. That's why you can suppress autoconnect on
both sides. And in various situations, autoconnect will also be
internally blocked. For example for the device (after `nmcli device
disconnect`) and or the profile (e.g. no secrets provided)).


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