Re: F28 - Update reintroduced missing connection after suspend

On Tue, 2018-05-15 at 17:34 +0200, Stephan Goldenberg wrote:
Am 15.05.2018 um 14:39 schrieb Thomas Haller:

what does `ip link show` say?


NO CARRIER. I did understand that NM is not able to handle this ?


NO-CARRIER has nothing to do with NetworkManager.
Kernel thinks, that the cable is not plugged in.

Consequently, NetworkManager does not autoactivate the profile. Even if
it would, DHCP could not complete, because there is no cable (or at
least, kernel thinks so).

You need to solve that problem. networkd also won't be able to do DHCP
on such a link.

Maybe the switch to which you are connected, disables the link...


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