Re: platform-linux: do-change-link[2]: failure changing link: failure 22 (Invalid argument)

On Sun, 2018-03-25 at 10:09 -0400, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
On Sun, 2018-03-25 at 14:27 +0200, Thomas Haller wrote:


try enable level=TRACE logging. See
hints how to do that. Then look at the logfile or send it.

Looked at it.  Not sure I'm really seeing why the "failure changing
link: failure 22 (Invalid argument)".  The whole log can be found at:

it fails setting the token.

platform-linux: link: change 2: token: set IPv6 address generation
token to ::2

Probably because kernel does in inet6_set_iftoken():
»·······if (!token)
»·······»·······return -EINVAL;
»·······if (dev->flags & (IFF_LOOPBACK | IFF_NOARP))
»·······»·······return -EINVAL;
»·······if (!ipv6_accept_ra(idev))
»·······»·······return -EINVAL;
»·······if (idev->cnf.rtr_solicits == 0)
»·······»·······return -EINVAL;

either kernel should allow it, or NM should not try to set it.

(btw, why do you want to configure the token?)

Unrelatedly I did notice:

Mar 25 08:46:53 NetworkManager[976]: <debug>
[1521982013.8717] dhcp6 (enp2s0): running: /sbin/dhclient -d -q -6 -N
-sf /usr/libexec/nm-dhcp-helper -pf /var/run/ -lf
325333198827- -cf /var/lib/NetworkManager/dhclient6-enp2s0.conf enp2s0

That's a waste of time.  There is no DHCP6 server in this network and
if there were, it would be this machine.  How can I disable this
of time?

ndisc[0x555d606ee200,"enp2s0"]:   dhcp-level managed

Your router says there is a DHCPv6 server around. Don't configure your
network that way, if it's not the case.

Ultimately, nm-online did not return until 08:47:39 which is 1:34
NetworkManager started.  I think eliminating that dhclient run would
a long way toward that.


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