Re: NM removes default route installed by zebra

On Sun, 2018-03-25 at 13:03 -0400, Brian J. Murrell wrote:
If I start zebra with an ospf configuration before Network-Manager
then start Network-Manager after NM has completed the zebra installed
default route is removed.

it's fragile to configure with routes on a device that is managed by
NetworkManager. Although NM tries not to interfere.

In the log, the first activation attempt fails, that cause
NetworkManager to tear down the interface, and remove all IP addresses
(and routes).
It fails, because no IP address is received within timeout.
Interestingly, the second time (NM retries right away) succeeds.

If you don't want NM to manage this device, mark it as unmanaged (or
just don't create a connection that is configured to autoconnect).

Most likely, you just want to delete the connection profile for that
interface, `nmcli connection delete "$PROFILE"`.

You could also configure the route in NetworkManager (by setting


A startup log with trace logging enabled where this happens can be
found at:

If I [re-]start ospfd after NM starts, the default route is installed
by zebra as expected.

How can I prevent NM from messing with the routes that zebra/ospfd is

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