Re: Configure errors under yocto

On Mon, 2017-03-27 at 16:12 +0100, Colin Helliwell wrote:
On 27 March 2017 at 14:25 Colin Helliwell <colin.helliwell@ln-syste> wrote:

I think it was missing [under yocto/bitbake] the step.
I've corrected that (as a 'pre-configure' step), but still have
subsequent errors which seem to have been due to output directories
not having been created e.g. libnm-core, introspection.
I can get it to limp a little further by creating the directories
in the pre-configure, but not totally.
Something perhaps not hooked in right to cater for the build
directory being different to the source directory...?

Subsequent to creating those directories, I can't make out the actual
failing command line, but the error summary has:
to generate clients/cli/settings-docs.c, configure with --enable-
alternatively, build --without-nmcli
make[2]: *** [clients/cli/settings-docs.c] Error 1

Neither of which I want to do!

My configure options are:
"   --disable-ifcfg-rh \
    --disable-ifnet \
    --disable-ifcfg-suse \
    --disable-more-warnings \
    --with-iptables=${sbindir}/iptables \
    --with-tests \
    --with-nmtui=no \
    --enable-introspection=no \
    --disable-gtk-doc  --disable-gtk-doc-html \
    --enable-polkit=disabled  --disable-polkit-agent "

I'm pulling the nm-1-6 branch from, by the
way. (1.6.3 I think?)

The build process takes Introspection data from the NM objects
(NMDevice, NMConnection, etc) and generates files that nmcli uses to
provide help text, properties, etc, rather than hardcoding things
twice.  So unfortunately, if you want nmcli you also need --enable-

Do you have gobject-introspection devel packages for Yocto you can


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