Re: Configure errors under yocto

On 27 March 2017 at 14:25 Colin Helliwell <colin helliwell ln-systems com> wrote:

I think it was missing [under yocto/bitbake] the step.
I've corrected that (as a 'pre-configure' step), but still have subsequent errors which seem to have been 
due to output directories not having been created e.g. libnm-core, introspection.
I can get it to limp a little further by creating the directories in the pre-configure, but not totally.
Something perhaps not hooked in right to cater for the build directory being different to the source 

Subsequent to creating those directories, I can't make out the actual failing command line, but the error 
summary has:
| to generate clients/cli/settings-docs.c, configure with --enable-introspection
| alternatively, build --without-nmcli
| make[2]: *** [clients/cli/settings-docs.c] Error 1

Neither of which I want to do!

My configure options are:
"   --disable-ifcfg-rh \
    --disable-ifnet \
    --disable-ifcfg-suse \
    --disable-more-warnings \
    --with-iptables=${sbindir}/iptables \
    --with-tests \
    --with-nmtui=no \
    --enable-introspection=no \
    --disable-gtk-doc  --disable-gtk-doc-html \
    --enable-polkit=disabled  --disable-polkit-agent "

I'm pulling the nm-1-6 branch from, by the way. (1.6.3 I think?)

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