Re: How to avoid using policy kit with openvpn

2016-11-23 19:31 GMT+02:00 matti kaasinen <matti kaasinen gmail com>:
BTW, I got a feeling that I got more services failed after I enabled openvpn.service (like avahi). Also these problems did not disappear when I disabled openvpn.service and booted card. Same goes with modem problems. So, does NetworkManager or somebody else keep some data regarding OpenVPN set-up even though its been disabled. If so, would it be better managing OpenVPN connection with NetworkManager (-plugin) than using openvpn.service for that. Also is openvpn-plugin build automatically and  get into use if tun interface is not configured as unmanaged?

To be more exact: service that dos not start anymore after I enable and later disable it is avahi-daemon.service. It is told in that unit file that:

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