Re: Auto-negotiation - Out of business

On 24/11/2016 13:22, Thomas Haller wrote:
sounds good.

A warning however is not helpful, because it will emit a warning for
every existing connection out there created by nm-c-e.

nm_connection_normalize() should fixup such settings. Ideally, we would
reject them, but for sake of backward compatibility, we silently fix

The documentation should mention, that speed and duplex must be set

nm-c-e still needs fixing to leave the autonet, speed, and duplex
settings alone -- until it actually support setting them.

Normalization has been committed:

I have given a try to that with nm-connection-editor... well, now you
just cannot change or create a 802-3-ethernet enabled connection, as the
normalizable error prevents saving the connection.

Well, slight better, at least will not save the connection with hidden
misconfigured properties. But till the alignment of nm-connection-editor
is not there it is broken.
The ideal fix is to change the boolean type of duplex in
nm-connection-editor to track also the unset value (and maybe it is time
to expose the setting... I'm working on a patch for it).
In the meanwhile maybe we can merge the poma's patch that just removes
the default duplex option saving in the connection (in this case I would
slightly prefer to merge patch v1 leaving the other duplex stuff there
till it will be changed).

One last point: upgrading to a new NetworkManager without updating
nm-connection-editor will result so in not beeing able to create a new
ethernet connection. Should we address this too or fine to enforce a
full NM+nm-connection-editor update?

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