Re: How to avoid using policy kit with openvpn

2016-11-23 19:31 GMT+02:00 matti kaasinen <matti kaasinen gmail com>:
2016-11-23 18:13 GMT+02:00 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:
If these are single-user systems, you can rebuild NM with PolicyKit
disabled so that it never validates requests against PolicyKit.
I'll try rebuilding tomorrow. I suppose (hope) there is clear switch for disabling it.
I thought I found the configuration switch. I ran build using:

From configuration log I can see: following note
NOTE: Running ../NetworkManager-1.0.10/configure  --build=x86_64-linux           --host=arm-poky-linux-gnueabi           --target=arm-poky-linux-gnueabi           --prefix=/usr           --exec_prefix=/usr           --bindir=/usr/bin           --sbindir=/usr/sbin           --libexecdir=/usr/libexec           --datadir=/usr/share           --sysconfdir=/etc           --sharedstatedir=/com           --localstatedir=/var           --libdir=/usr/lib           --includedir=/usr/include           --oldincludedir=/usr/include           --infodir=/usr/share/info           --mandir=/usr/share/man           --disable-silent-rules           --disable-dependency-tracking           --with-libtool-sysroot=/CPR3/sysroots/am335x-evm --enable-introspection      --disable-ifcfg-rh     --disable-ifnet     --disable-ifcfg-suse     --disable-more-warnings     --with-iptables=/usr/sbin/iptables     --with-tests     --with-nmtui=yes  --disable-static --enable-nls                      --enable-polkit=disabled                        --disable-bluez5-dun --with-libsoup=no --with-dhclient=/sbin/dhclient --with-dnsmasq=/usr/bin/dnsmasq --enable-ifupdown --with-modem-manager-1=yes --with-netconfig=yes --with-crypto=nss --disable-ppp --disable-qt      --with-systemdsystemunitdir=/lib/systemd/system --with-session-tracking=systemd --enable-polkit --enable-wifi=no

But later on there is also
checking for POLKIT... yes

and als

  session tracking: systemd
  suspend/resume: systemd
  policykit: yes (restrictive modify.system) (default=yes)
  polkit agent: yes
  selinux: no

Also I got similar error message when trying to access SIM.

Could you 'nmcli g log level debug' on a problem machine and grab some
log output from before and after the error?
I don't have access to that machine now, but I'll do that tomorrow.
Please find the NetworkManager journal with above nmcli executed before (would attachment be better?)
<info>  Read config: /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf
<info>  Loaded settings plugin keyfile: (c) 2007 - 2015 Red Hat, Inc.  To report bugs please use the NetworkManager mailing list.
<info>  keyfile: new connection /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eth0 (5769be4a-ee83-4674-890a-f19e96b6c31e,"eth0")
<info>  monitoring kernel firmware directory '/lib/firmware'.
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMVxlanFactory (internal)
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMVlanFactory (internal)
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMVethFactory (internal)
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMTunFactory (internal)
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMMacvlanFactory (internal)
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMInfinibandFactory (internal)
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMGreFactory (internal)
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMEthernetFactory (internal)
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMBridgeFactory (internal)
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMBondFactory (internal)
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMWwanFactory (/usr/lib/NetworkManager/
<info>  Loaded device plugin: NMBluezManager (/usr/lib/NetworkManager/
<info>  WiFi enabled by radio killswitch; enabled by state file
<info>  WWAN enabled by radio killswitch; enabled by state file
<info>  WiMAX enabled by radio killswitch; enabled by state file
<info>  Networking is enabled by state file
<info>  (lo): link connected
<info>  (lo): new Generic device (carrier: ON, driver: 'unknown', ifindex: 1)
<info>  (eth0): new Ethernet device (carrier: OFF, driver: 'cpsw', ifindex: 2)
<info>  (eth0): device state change: unmanaged -> unavailable (reason 'managed') [10 20 2]
<info>  ModemManager available in the bus
<info>  (eth0): link connected
<info>  (eth0): device state change: unavailable -> disconnected (reason 'carrier-changed') [20 30 40]
<info>  Auto-activating connection 'eth0'.
<info>  (eth0): Activation: starting connection 'eth0' (5769be4a-ee83-4674-890a-f19e96b6c31e)
<info>  (eth0): device state change: disconnected -> prepare (reason 'none') [30 40 0]
<info>  NetworkManager state is now CONNECTING
<info>  (eth0): device state change: prepare -> config (reason 'none') [40 50 0]
<info>  (eth0): device state change: config -> ip-config (reason 'none') [50 70 0]
<info>  Activation (eth0) Beginning DHCPv4 transaction (timeout in 45 seconds)
<info>    address
<info>    plen 22
<info>    expires in 600 seconds
<info>    gateway
<info>    nameserver ''
<info>    domain name ''
<info>  (eth0): DHCPv4 state changed unknown -> bound
<info>  (eth0): device state change: ip-config -> ip-check (reason 'none') [70 80 0]
<info>  (eth0): device state change: ip-check -> secondaries (reason 'none') [80 90 0]
<info>  (eth0): device state change: secondaries -> activated (reason 'none') [90 100 0]
<info>  NetworkManager state is now CONNECTED_LOCAL
<info>  NetworkManager state is now CONNECTED_GLOBAL
<info>  Policy set 'eth0' (eth0) as default for IPv4 routing and DNS.
<info>  (eth0): Activation: successful, device activated.
<warn>  (2) failed to call dispatcher scripts: (dbus-glib-error-quark:2) The name org.freedesktop.nm_dispatcher was not provided by any .service files[[0m
Nov 24 14:36:04 cpr3 systemd[1]: Started Network Manager.
<info>  startup complete
<info>  (tun0): new Tun device (carrier: OFF, driver: 'tun', ifindex: 3)
<info>  (tun0): link connected
<info>  (ttyUSB2): modem state changed, 'disabled' --> 'enabling' (reason: user preference)
<info>  (ttyUSB2): new Broadband device (carrier: UNKNOWN, driver: 'huawei_cdc_ncm, option1', ifindex: 0)
<info>  (ttyUSB2): device state change: unmanaged -> unavailable (reason 'managed') [10 20 2]
<info>  (ttyUSB2): modem state 'enabling'
<warn>  (ttyUSB2) failed to enable modem: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Error.Core.Failed: PolicyKit authorization failed: 'GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.PolicyK
it1 was not provided by any .service files'[[0m
<info>  (ttyUSB2): modem state changed, 'enabling' --> 'disabled' (reason: enable failed)
<info>  (ttyUSB2): device state change: unavailable -> disconnected (reason 'modem-available') [20 30 58]

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