Re: dns update for ipv6 using dhcpv6

ok. I’m making some progress. However, I cannot get the other configuration file merged into /var/lib/NetworkManager/dhclient6-eth0.conf. I’m putting the commands that work for dhclient into a file in /etc/NetworkManager/dhclient6-eth0.conf. Lines beginning with # get merged in, but actual commands are silently dropped. The line that works as an explicit config file for dhclient is:

send fqdn.fqdn “”;

Guessing that I’ve got the syntax wrong, I tried one of the lines from the end of the merged file, assuming that the syntax is correct, but that didn’t get merged in either:

# stuff to include
also request dhcp6.client-id;
#send fqdn.fqdn “”;

gets merged in thus (last three lines from NM):
# Created by NetworkManager
# Merged from /etc/NetworkManager/dhclient6-eth0.conf

# stuff to include
#send fqdn.fqdn “";
also request dhcp6.client-id;
also request;
also request dhcp6.domain-search;

Where's my mistake/what’s the correct syntax?

I think that the cause of the problem is that fqdn.fqdn is actively removed by 
/src/dhcp-manager/nm-dhcp-dhclient-utils.c (in v 1.4.2 of NM), as it contains the following comment in 

                        /* To let user's FQDN options (except "fqdn.fqdn") override the
                         * default ones set by NM, add them later
So, if I try:
send fqdn.hostname;

that line does make it through to /var/lib/NetworkManager/dhclient6-eth0.conf, despite this option being explicitly forbidden by dhclient.conf as an option sent by clients.

Shouldn’t the exclusion be for fqdn.hostname, rather than fqdn.fqdn, or is there some reason that I don’t understand for not allowing fqdn.fqdn through to dhclient ?


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