ANN: NetworkManager (0.9.10-beta1) released


I'm pleased to announce the release of NetworkManager
(0.9.10-beta1) and the same version of nm-applet and
nm-connection-editor.  This release contains many, many enhancements and
bug fixes, most notably much better cooperation with external changes
and tools, better configurability, and better IPv6 support over
and earlier versions.  0.9.10 is packed with so much awesome that I
can't list it all here, so just check out the updated NEWS file:

Huge thanks to everyone that helped out on the way towards the 0.9.10
release, there are over 300 of you!  While this release is a beta, we've
branched and frozen the 0.9.10 code in preparation for the final 0.9.10
release in the next week or two.

But this release depends on you!  Test test test test test!  File bugs!
Mail the list!  Let's make the 0.9.10 release rock harder James
Hetfield's EET Fuk Explorer.


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