Setting the IP address and other IP infos through the DBus API of Network Manager version 0.9.4+



I’m looking to change the IP address, prefix, gateway, etc.. of a connection through the NM and its DBus API but the only examples I have found are for version 0.8.x in which the Update method on org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Settings.Connection can be set using the parameters returned by the method GetSettings. Changing the IP address was done by modifying the dictionary named ‘ipv4’ in the settings returned and passing the new settings through the Update() method on the same interface.


I am using Debian and NM 0.9.4 and with the upgrade there seems to be no more ipv4 setting returned by GetSettings() so I’m not sure if I can insert a new dictionary entry for the ipv4 in the returned settings and simply return it to Update() as before.

Also, I noticed org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.IP4config does have a property name Addresses which returns the type of information I am looking to modify (but missing the dns infos in the old ipv4 structure) but there is not way to modify and set these parameters through the interface or any other.


Can anybody advise me on the right course to modify the IP settings in NM 0.9.4+?




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