virtual interfaces [Re: ANN: NetworkManager (0.9.10-beta1) released]

Am 07.06.2014 02:20, schrieb Dan Williams:

I'm pleased to announce the release of NetworkManager

* Changes made to IP addresses, IP routes, and master/slave
relationships from
    external tools are now recognized and reflected in the D-Bus API

I do have virtualbox and vmware installed on this particular laptop,
i.e. I have the following virtual interfaces: vboxnet0 and vmnet1/vmnet8.

nmcli shows them as

# nmcli d
vmnet1    ethernet  connected     vmnet1
vmnet8    ethernet  connected     vmnet8
wlan0     wifi      connected     wgrouter (automatisch)
vboxnet0  ethernet  disconnected  --
eth0      ethernet  unavailable   --
ttyACM0   gsm       unavailable   --
lo        loopback  unmanaged     --

# nmcli c
vmnet8                       ef586f60-75cf-4717-8279-ed82c28c15cc
802-3-ethernet   vmnet8
vmnet1                       105b4339-54a8-4fea-b6fe-2e2fafabff49
802-3-ethernet   vmnet1
Kabelgebundene Verbindung 2  2cf491fd-a74d-4b65-84ac-789196009487
802-3-ethernet   vboxnet0

If I now disable my wlan0 interface, NM tries to activate vboxnet0, and
runs dhclients, which obviously fails. This behaviour is kinda odd.

Should I file a bug for this issue?


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