Re: Fwd: Having a hard time with NetworkManager on ArchLinux

Hi Yves,

On Thu, 2014-01-30 at 05:35 -0500, Yves S. Garret wrote:

I've already enabled and started NM.  I see it with a state of
"running" when I do systemctl.

As for my comment of doing it manually, there is a little tutorial
that was written for Arch Linux.  In it, you can either make the
connection in a manual fashion or have an another tool it
automatically for you.

If you are using NetworkManager (or wicd, ConnMan, ...), you don't
manually use ip, dhclient, ... (unless you have a good reason to).

When I start NM,

Usually, NetworkManager (the deamon) starts at boot time, as you enabled
it with systemctl. What you click on, is a GUI front-end, to tell
NetworkManger what to do. Probably it's nm-applet (Gnome3 and KDE
usually come with different ones).

I go into the top right-hand location and click on the applet and
select my network.  Sometimes I see a window asking for a passphrase
-- which I enter and click Connect -- and then wait for some sort of
response.  But, the only thing that happens is that the same window
re-appears.  I know that the passphrase is correct (checked many

You should check, that the WiFi connection you are trying to connect is
properly configured. You can right-click on the icon of nm-applet and do
"Edit connections".

If you cannot figure out whats wrong, it might be helpful to look at the
logfiles and provide more information

  journalctl -b 0 _SYSTEMD_UNIT=NetworkManager.service 

What I ultimately want NM to do is give me the ability to connect to
various wireless connections (Library, Home, parents Home, etc.)
without going through the manual setup (as described in the above
link) of making such a connection.

Sure, that sounds doable :)


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