Re: ANN: NetworkManager 1.0.0 released!

* Balázs Pozsár

Speaking of theoretical cases, couldn't it be a problem if for example 
the modem and the network both support IPV4V6, and the user expects it, 
but somehow that connection fails on the first try (could happen due to 
any temporary reason), and then NM/MM would fall back to for example 
IPv4-only? So the user would get a "successful" connection, but the one 
which he expected.

Yes, this would be analogous to an Ethernet using DHCPv6 for address
assignment but the DHCPv6 server/relay is temporarily down when the
network connection attempt is being made.

I think that ending up with IPv4-only (rather than failing outright) is
acceptable in this case. (Except, of course, the user has set
may-fail=false for IPv6.)


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