Re: Sierra Wireless MC8355 - Gobi 3000 with AT&T

That was it: wrong APN. Perhaps MM or NM could be a bit more descriptive about the problem? I can patch it. Are there any other error you know of that provide a more verbose reason when encountered? I can follow the existing pattern, if there is one and add a message regarding the APN.

Thanks again for the fast & expert debug.


On Thu, 3 Oct 2013, Aleksander Morgado wrote:

On 02/10/13 17:05, Kenneth Berland wrote:
NM moves along well until it errors-out with these lines (I think):

Oct  2 07:35:50 ken-x230 ModemManager[1811]: <info>  error: couldn't
start network: QMI protocol error (14): 'CallFailed'
Oct  2 07:35:50 ken-x230 ModemManager[1811]: <info>  call end reason
(1018): 'gsm-wcdma-option-unsubscribed'
Oct  2 07:35:50 ken-x230 ModemManager[1811]: <info>  verbose call end
reason (6,33): [3gpp] option-unsubscribed

The 'gsm-wcdma-option-unsubscribed' error is actually the default error
sent when the APN is wrong... I would really check what APN is being used.


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