F20 alpha .. some good, some not so good

When I reported that IPv6 was not working on F20 alpha:

I was interesting in getting the fix. Since an errata was not instantly available, I extracted the extremely simple patch from the git. Next, I got the src.rpm ... well, although my problem occurred with NetworkManager-, I found that an update was transitioning out: NetworkManager-

Naturally, go for the latest and greatest ... complete disaster!!! Not only does it have problems but the gnome applet says it is not compatible .... someone needs to do some quick syncing to get the right package versions into F20 updates-testing.

Anyway, hunted around and got the source for, applied the patch and it looks good but I am definitely staying away from "13". I am going to bring it up on a KVM virtual to collect data for a bug report although the way this hit I would be surprised if someone does not beat me to reporting it.


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