Re: NetworkManager taking ages to automatically connect to wifi

On 23/05/13 01:20, Dan Williams wrote:
On Wed, 2013-05-22 at 11:49 +1000, Sparhawk wrote:
NetworkManager --no-daemon --log-level=debug 2> nm_debug.txt

On 22/05/13 01:47, Dan Williams wrote:
On Tue, 2013-05-21 at 16:18 +1000, Sparhawk wrote:

Somewhere around the upgrade from Kubuntu 12.10 to 13.04, NetworkManager
has started taking ages to connect automatically to my preferred wifi

In the past, after waking from suspend, I would connect within a few
seconds. Now it takes minutes. The exact time is erratic. Mostly it is
around the two minute mark, but very rarely it takes ~10 seconds.
Can you grab some logs from wherever your distro puts syslog 'daemon'
output?  That's
probably /var/log/daemon.log, /var/log/NetworkManager.log,
or /var/log/syslog.
In Ubuntu, it's just in the system/kernel log (/var/log/kern.log)

I've actually asked on the kde forum [1], but I suspect there is nothing
useful there. FWIW they mentioned putting NetworkManager in debug mode,
but I couldn't work out how to kill it without it automatically
restarting. (They also suggested I ask on this mailing list.)
mv /usr/sbin/NetworkManager /
killall -TERM NetworkManager
/NetworkManager --no-daemon --log-level=debug 2> nm_debug.txt

and then when you're done, move it back.  You might also be able to ask
upstart to stop & disable the NM service, then run it yourself manually.
Not sure about that.

Thanks. Here are the logs. I went through a couple of sleep wake cycles,
I think. Probably best to read from the end, where the latest automatic
connection took 28 seconds after wake.

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