NetworkManager --no-daemon vs --debug

In git master, --no-daemon no longer has the behavior of redirecting
NM's log output to stderr. Use --debug (aka -d) now to get that behavior.


    When run with --no-daemon, NM used to duplicate all syslog output to
    stderr, for ease of debugging. But this meant it had to tell systemd
    to ignore stderr, so you wouldn't get duplicated log entries. But
    that meant we lost error messages that didn't go through nm_log.
    (eg, g_warning()s and g_return_if_fail()s).

    Fix this by making --no-daemon no longer duplicate syslog output to
    stderr, and removing the "StandardError=null" from the systemd
    service file. To get the old behavior, you can use --debug instead
    of --no-daemon.

Oh, this also means that if you build NM from source into /usr, then
next time systemd tells you that you should run "systemctl --system
daemon-reload", you actually should.

-- Dan

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