Re: Not able to connect from CDMA2000 Modem from Network Manager connection

Dan Williams wrote:

On Thu, 2012-10-25 at 01:03 -0700, Eshant Gupta wrote:
There are two minor problems:-
1) At present, I am in my home town from where I am subscribed to the
working plan. The defect is- Network Manager still showing "(EVDO

Ok, can you post some logs from ModemManager for that?  With this device
I don't believe we have two AT ports, so unfortunately whatever state
the device is in when you start the connection, that's what you get.
Since we don't have two AT ports we can't figure out when anything

2) And if I disconnect then for reconnection I must have to
Mobile Broadband

Logs here would be good.  But it's likely that we're not properly
telling the modem to break the data connection and go back to command


Could you please build RPM again? I have lost that.

I have tried to sniff packet when the signal fluctuated using USBlyzer on
windows and what I have found is that for sending signal info to PC, URB
function is used. I am attaching screenshot for the same. Hope it will help 
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