Re: [PATCH] Add libgsystem as a git submodule properly gets libgsystem. However it seems libgsystem simply uses
latest GLib bits. I guess it should not if it can be avoided, because it
spoils its usability.
And that is the case for NetworkManager (that is just happy with glib 2.32).

libgsystem now uses these symbols that require glib>=2.34:
* g_mapped_file_get_bytes (GMappedFile *file)
* g_spawn_check_exit_status()

Making a compatibility definition for them will allow compilation.

Would it be a problem to bump the requirement to 2.34?

Yes, we picked the current versions to work well with various distros.

Are we planning to use anything in libgsystem besides the auto-free
stuff? If not, why don't we remove the submodule and just copy in the
header with the relevant macros for now?

-- Dan

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