Re: QMI support in network-manager-applet

On 07/05/13 18:47, Bjørn Mork wrote:
 and I don't think we should do
that e.g. for ZTE QMI modems (which are not handled with QMI currently,
as they suck).
I'm wondering about this...  Except for the ones which appear as routers
and run some buggy QMI proxy daemon, I'd expect most of the ZTE modems
to have about the same set of bugs as the other Qualcomm firmware based
modems.  Modems like e.g. the MF821D look and feel pretty much like any
other MDM9200 based device. 

I have a ZTE MF637 which is QMI based, and it just ends up crashing if
used with QMI. I even have a branch to enable ZTE-based QMI modems
but didn't spend much time with it after my first unsuccessful attempts...
Is this a device designed to operate as a NATing router, or is it just a
"regular" modem? 

It is a plain regular HSPA modem.

The MF60 I've still got (luckily the owner seems to have forgotten about
it :) is also crashing really bad on any QMI WDS command, making it
completely useless with QMI.  But this device is a wifi-3G router which
it obviously runs some QMI proxy daemon, forwarding most commands but
intercepting WDS.  And the ZTE WDS implementation sucks bigtime even for
a modem firmware.

But I was hoping we could detect and avoid the troublesome devices using
"safe" commands, without making all other devices suffer.  As I said,
the MF821D works really fine with QMI.

 I'll retest it again tomorrow and gather debug logs to see where
exactly it failed.


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