Re: QMI support in network-manager-applet

On Tue, 2013-05-07 at 17:33 +0200, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
On 07/05/13 17:19, Dan Williams wrote:
Ok here's the output of modem manager in debug, I've removed all the
novatel drivers and compiled them(Modem Manager, Network Manager,
nm-applet) in the order that Dan recommended. The output is a bit
lengthy so I've attached it as a text document.

Are you able to test with the new "aleksander/novatel-fixes" branch from
git? The main problem was that the Novatel plugin didn't allow QMI
modems yet, it should allow them now.

Dan, quick review of the branch?

Do we want those driven by Novatel or by Generic though?

If we can grab them by the Novatel plugin, I think we should. We don't
want all QMI modems to be handled by the Generic plugin, as that would
mean handling all QMI modems with QMI... and I don't think we should do
that e.g. for ZTE QMI modems (which are not handled with QMI currently,
as they suck).
The branch works and is fine, but the problem with using the Novatel
plugin is that it takes a lot longer to probe than the Generic one, due
to the $NWDMAT=1 stuff that the plugin does, which is completely
unecessary on the QMI-capable devices.  I'm not sure there's a good way
to suppress that given that we're not sure if the modem has a QMI port
at the time we send the DMAT=1 stuff.

But the generic plugin also does AT probing... or is it that NWDMAT
takes longer to reply?

The NWDMAT stuff just takes longer in my experience, at least 3 or 4
retries on the ports.  Plus, the QMI devices just have more ports (eg 4
or so) than the non-QMI devices that NWDMAT is useful on, which
typically have 2 or 3.

Instead of calling NWDMAT as a custom AT probing method, we could set it
up in a custom_init() instead, and only run it if there is no QMI port
in the device?

Yeah, that sounds better.


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