Re: SMS sending error with Telit module

On Wed, 2013-03-27 at 16:37 +0100, Enrico Murador - Research &
Development - CET wrote:
On 27/03/2013 14:46, Dan Williams wrote:
NetworkManager needs to be rebuilt with support for the new ModemManager
from git master.  Otherwise it only knows about MM 0.6 and earlier.  So
if you're using the stock NM from 12.10, it won't know how to talk to
latest MM.

Best thing to do there is to use the mmcli commands as Aleksander
suggested, so we can see if everything works correctly.  Then you can
move on to using an NM PPA or something to get a more up-to-date NM.

I've installed both MM and NM from PPA.

Last try was to downgrade to NM 9.6 and MM6.0, configure a mobile 
broadband connection (with Telit module), then upgrade to MM7.99 and 
NM9.7.995 (I used the Marius repositories), then restart the system.
Now, if I try to enable the connection (with "nmcli con up id 
[connection]), i get something like "No valid device found".
I tried to enable the modem with mmcli -m 0 -e, and get "successfully 
enabled the modem" but after that, nmcli gives the same "no device found 
result"; I tried also to send an SMS with the procedure outlined by 
Aleksander Morgado, but after I write
sudo mmcli -m 0 --messaging-create-sms="text='Test 

I don't think he meant you to literally write /| and |/; that'll cause
the shell to give you the > prompt.

It should basically be:

mmcli -m 0 --messaging-create-sms="text='test',number='+39*****'"

note the path of the saved SMS.

mmcli -m 0 -s <path of SMS> --send

and that should work.


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