Starting steps for installed source code of NM


I have already checked out the source code  from git and installed the NM  to my local folder. How can I see the functionalities of the installed module. Is there any UI or terminal commands that connected to the installation. After I install the module what are the starting steps should I follow? Is there any documentation for using it.

Ultimately I want to hack the code for Integrate Proxy Settings and Network Connections(Locations) Project which has following requirements.

1.Develop network profiles for each network connection

2.Switch between those profiles should be done automatically when the new connection is about to connect

3. Those network profiles should be hold information about the network settings like "proxy settings" etc..

4. Names of the profiles can be grab from the data of the connection

5. Also the manual switchability should be there

6. Suggest users to create network profiles which haven't profiles yet when the NM found a new connection

What should be my starting steps for this project with the source code I have?

Thank you,
Malintha Adikari

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