Re: AW: Problems with Sierra MC 8790 with older firmware revision

On Mon, 2013-02-25 at 16:42 +0100, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
On a side note, a user just reported an issue with a MC8790V (see the
trailing 'V' there), log attached. In this case, the issue is not about
using the APP1 port for PPP; the issue is that there is no non-APP port
shown, so we don't specify any port being 'primary', and we end up
choosing an incorrect one.

So, with:

ttyUSB3 --> APP1
ttyUSB4 --> APP2
ttyUSB5 --> APP3

We end up getting:

tty/ttyUSB4 primary
tty/ttyUSB3 secondary
tty/ttyUSB4 data

And ttyUSB4 doesn't like being the primary port here. Possibly ttyUSB3
should be the one treated as primary?

Well, after some tests, seems that the exposed APP ports in this device
are like in any other Sierra device, with a limited AT command set, so
we cannot use them as primary port... Now I wonder if lacking a proper
primary AT port is a firmware/device bug or if they really did it on
purpose (e.g. so that only CnS can be used).

That may well be the case.  There are some firmware commands to control
port configuration, but those are can be *very* harmful and we should
never be touching them in MM as we risk bricking the device, just like I
did to my first UMG1831 with AT^U2DIAG.  I think we're screwed here
unless we add CnS support, and we don't have docs for that since it's

THe only other thing I can think of is that maybe it's a driver bug, but
if the we have TTYs for all the USB interfaces shown in lsusb, then
that's not the problem.


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