AW: Problems with Sierra MC 8790V and wrong primary port

On a side note, a user just reported an issue with a MC8790V (see the trailing
'V' there), log attached. In this case, the issue is not about using the APP1
port for PPP; the issue is that there is no non-APP port shown, so we don't
specify any port being 'primary', and we end up choosing an incorrect one.

So, with:

ttyUSB3 --> APP1
ttyUSB4 --> APP2
ttyUSB5 --> APP3

We end up getting:

tty/ttyUSB4 primary
tty/ttyUSB3 secondary
tty/ttyUSB4 data

And ttyUSB4 doesn't like being the primary port here. Possibly ttyUSB3
should be the one treated as primary?

Before we started to use network-manager we used a self made script (which only supports the ppp interface) 
and if I remember correctly, we always used the lowest ttyUSB Port as primary in case there was no other 
setup known for a card. This had worked for us very well.


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