Re: AW: Problems with Sierra MC 8790 with older firmware revision

(Resent with gzipped log)

we have now tested with two MC8790 cards. One has work ever since with modem-manger, the other didn't (as 
Harald reported last week).

From an usb point of view there is no difference (same product/vendor id etc.).

The only difference is, that the card that isn't working reports Revision K1_0_3_0AP, while the one that is 
working reports K1_1_1_9AP.

Running with

MM_SIERRA_APP1_PPP_OK=1 /modem-manager --debug

Both cards are working correctly and both use ttyUSB4 for pppd (while the one that worked before uses 
ttyUSB3 without that setting).

So as far as we can test, it's safe to always use ttyUSB4 on MC8790.

Could you please let us know how to tell modem-manager to always use this setting for MC8790

Thanks & Regards


On a side note, a user just reported an issue with a MC8790V (see the
trailing 'V' there), log attached. In this case, the issue is not about
using the APP1 port for PPP; the issue is that there is no non-APP port
shown, so we don't specify any port being 'primary', and we end up
choosing an incorrect one.

So, with:

ttyUSB3 --> APP1
ttyUSB4 --> APP2
ttyUSB5 --> APP3

We end up getting:

tty/ttyUSB4 primary
tty/ttyUSB3 secondary
tty/ttyUSB4 data

And ttyUSB4 doesn't like being the primary port here. Possibly ttyUSB3
should be the one treated as primary?


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