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It is normally something built into the network card.  The wireless
chipset needs to have support for it.  As I said, it is already being
implemented in wpa supplicant.

From wikipedia:

Wi-Fi Direct, previously known as Wi-Fi P2P, is a standard that
allows Wi-Fi devices to connect to each other without the need for a
wireless access point.

Is it just that someone failed to realize there is ad-hoc wifi mode?

The difference between wifi direct and ad-hoc mode is that wifi direct
allows a pair of devices to negotiate a connection between themselves
directly, rather than just having a standard ad-hoc network that many
devices can connect to.

In terms of how it behaves in practice, imagine a bluetooth connection
running over a wifi connection at wifi speeds.  Of course it doesn't
support bluetooth protocols, but in terms of how you set up the
connection it is similar.

To clarify: this is a standard established by the wifi alliance, the
same group in charge of all other wifi standards, including the ad-hoc
network standard.

This allows Wi-Fi Direct devices to directly transfer
data between each other with greatly reduced setup. Wi-Fi Direct
by embedding a limited wireless access point into the devices, and
using Wi-Fi Protected Setup system to negotiate a link.

The only think I heard about WPS is that it is insecure. Sorry for that. Maybe I'm just commenting on 
something I don't have enough information on.

WPS PIN mode is insecure, but although WIFI direct supports that the
implementations I have seen all use the push-button mode, which as far
as I am aware is reasonably secure.

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