Re: Problem with 4G modem -- 'ip-config-unavailable'

2013/2/26 Pavel Simerda <psimerda redhat com>
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> From: "Andrew Boltachev" <andrewboltachev gmail com>
> N.B. I've done some hacking and re-compiling on version and
> figured out, that function, that actually outputs the error is
> 'nm_device_activate_ip4_config_timeout' in 'nm-device.c' file, and
> one of it's lines is notably different in very last (commit 47d8db5)

I don't see there any difference like that one, actually.

> and versions:
> comm. 47d8db5:
> if ((priv->ip4_state == IP_DONE) && (priv->ip4_config == NULL)) {
> ver.
> if ((priv->ip6_state == IP_DONE) && (priv->ip6_config == NULL)) {

Looks like you're looking at different lines.


Uhm, yes, that's my mistake. There are different lines in different functions, and they are the same in these files. But, all in all, interesting, what's the reason of 'ip-config-unavailable' error.

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