Re: Problem with 4G modem -- 'ip-config-unavailable'

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From: "Andrew Boltachev" <andrewboltachev gmail com>
N.B. I've done some hacking and re-compiling on version and
figured out, that function, that actually outputs the error is
'nm_device_activate_ip4_config_timeout' in 'nm-device.c' file, and
one of it's lines is notably different in very last (commit 47d8db5)

I don't see there any difference like that one, actually.

and versions:
comm. 47d8db5:

if ((priv->ip4_state == IP_DONE) && (priv->ip4_config == NULL)) {


if ((priv->ip6_state == IP_DONE) && (priv->ip6_config == NULL)) {

Looks like you're looking at different lines.


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