Re: Update settings after device attach, but before connection setup


I'm new to NetworkManager development, dbus and glib stuff, I am trying to learn by writting an interface to NetworkManager using dbus.

Currently I am trying call thew org,freedesktop.NetworkManager.getDevices  method

i think i have got a correct code to do so, however i get an error saying that there is an unregistered path and it says about the path to my fisrt Device, to be clear I can call this method throghu dbus-send and get the info with no problem

my question is is there something wrong with this code ?? :

GError *error = NULL;
    GArray *arr;
       printf("Call failed: %s",error->message);
    //printf("paths: %u\n",array->len);

above code produces this output:

Call failed: Unregistered object at path '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/0

WTF ?  can annyone help  ?

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