Nm applet in gdm3


I'm searching for a solution to folowing problem for about 10 hours from now. Hope anyone here can give me some advice to solve my problem.

First I want to express what I#m going to try:

I wont to be able to logon on my Laptops via ldap over Openvpn and Wifi. To make a connection to my vpn, and also from an new wifi, I must be able to configure and establish networking connections before login. Commandline or scripted solutions are not a satisfieing way because of the users of the laptops can't manage this. So I need the nm-applet icon in gdm to be able to choose system wide network connections (or create new in new wifis) and connect to my vpn before log in as specific user against ldap (over the vpn connection).

I'd try to start the nm-applet via copying the .desktop file to the gdm autostart directory as shown on several tutorials but it don't work.

I also figured arround with gconf editor as gdm user but don't find the keys described in less tutorials. Now I#m on my end and don't know what to do next.

I thougt it can't be so hard to show up the nm-applet icon in gdm because the (e.g.) volume icon works much pretty.

I am using arch linux 64bit with gnome 3.4 (updated) on all machines.

Does anyone has a idea what to do?

Thank you,


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